To get my day going, I do some reading, drink a great cup of coffee then listen to some upbeat music.  Next up is outfit selection.  I usually need easy, comfortable, flexible and feel-good and almost always go for one of my fave tees.  I can wear my tees with my suits or jeans or skirt or shorts or yoga pants. My tees rarely fail me. Except when they’re so worn out that they shouldn’t be worn in public.  In that case they become my PJs. 

My tees are with me throughout my adventures and ups and downs. They’re with me day-in and day-out as I go out there to fulfill my potential.  After all, isn’t that what it’s all about - understanding your potential and fulfilling it?

All Sue Mata tees are designed and made in NY with fabric milled in the USA.

Our mission is to create that essential friendship that allows you to move freely throughout life. Our vision is for Sue Mata tees to be the only go-to friends your wardrobe will ever need.

I believe we are all diamonds –  unique, brilliant, strong, and beautiful.  All of us in different stages of seeking out our individual potential. Some of us haven’t discovered it yet, some working towards it and others living it.

Let Sue Mata tees assist in making you everlastingly luminous.







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